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  • Noelani Villanueva

    Noelani Villanueva

    Flatiron student, word nerd and otter enthusiast

  • Brian Sahota

    Brian Sahota


  • Warren Niu

    Warren Niu

    Uncovering the truths of Software Engineering one story at a time. Former Healthcare Administrator and proud dad of my Pomeranian, Nami. Based in Brooklyn, NY

  • Anurag Kanoria

    Anurag Kanoria

    I blog about tech, programming, and self-improvement. I am a web developer and music junkie. Top writer in Technology.

  • Steven Wu

    Steven Wu

    I’m a NYC based full stack developer and a part-time gaming nerd https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevenwubc/

  • Patricia Arnedo

    Patricia Arnedo

    Curious and passionate software engineer that uses way too many gifs.

  • Christopher Michael Clark

    Christopher Michael Clark

    A climate scientist turned software engineer

  • James Ardery

    James Ardery

    Budding Software Engineer trying to find the tie that binds 🤔

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